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Industry challenges

Lack of transparency throughout the wine and spirits industries supply chains leaves them vulnerable to counterfeiting, impacting consumer confidence and restricting brand equity.


Nearly a third of alcoholic drinks are mislabeled, counterfeit or fake, according to the International Center for Alcohol Policies.

Lack of transparency

Winegrowers and distillers bear the greatest responsibility in upholding their brands, yet have the least amount of visibility into their value chains.

Reputational risk

When wine or spirits are adulterated or falsely labeled, reputations built on craft, origin, and quality are quickly tarnished.


Today, a bottle must pass strict geographical certification procedures to establish authenticity.

How Everledger can help

Mislabelled, counterfeit and fake bottles damage trust in wine and spirits – and the brands that put their names to them. We help you create a unique digital identity for every bottle. As the world’s first company to secure a wine bottle’s provenance on the blockchain, we work closely with customers all along the supply chain, from growers to merchants and into broader retail, with the goal of building ever more authenticity in the global industry.

Unique identity

Blockchain, NFC and IoT technologies allow a unique digital identity to be created for every bottle.


With our intelligent labelling solution, every bottle is monitored and secured against tampering, providing the trust that end consumers expect of brands. We are ISO27001-certified, evidencing the highest level of trust on information security and data protection.


Our solution facilitates the certification process for variety designation and geographic pedigree, by converging and surfacing the story of every bottle.


Each bottle has its ownership registered on our private blockchain. Every transaction can be securely recorded, from vineyard to table.


Temperature and tampering sensors produce valuable information at every stage of the supply chain, making inventory management easier and more powerful.


Our platform enables greater visibility and control over sustainable harvest methods.

Our Anti-tamper Solutions

Protect the authenticity of your bottle, enrich your customer experience, and get vital analytics to help you manage your brand’s most important assets.

Our NFC product lineup

Find out more about the Everledger platform.

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Find out more about the Everledger platform.

Learn More

“In the future, we hope with this technology to see Appellation Earth become one of the fastest growing wine brands in the United States. We also hope to extend Appellation Earth to some of the other grape growing regions in the world and be able to authenticate the wine and take the consumer back to the source through the experience on their mobile device.”

Steve Schepman, President — Wine Trade Network


Decent work and economic growth

Enabling transparent reporting on the ethical and responsible practices in the supply chain can prevent human rights abuses, supports workers rights, and helps communities to develop.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Our platform uses blockchain, NFC and IoT technologies to surface the story of a bottle’s journey, from vineyard to table.

Sustainable cities and communities

Our solution can enable more environmental footprint transparency on harvest methods and differentiate best practices in the industry.

Responsible production and consumption

Every bottle has an unalterable record on the blockchain. This strengthens each bottle’s provenance story with privacy and traceability, and secures it against tampering.

Avery Dennison and Wine Trade Network

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