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Industry challenges

The luxury goods industry faces increasing challenges around authenticity, sustainability and innovation. All of which impact on brand reputation.


Counterfeit products are still a prolific issue in the industry, with USD98 billion of losses estimated in 2017, according to the Global Brand Counterfeiting Report 2018.

Environmental impact

Tracking raw materials usage, waste and water management and proper use of chemicals are key considerations for brands.

Product innovation

Fast fashion cycles and growing branding expenditures mean fashion houses must find more sustainable ways to differentiate their brands.

Reputational risk

When products from a fashion label are counterfeited, reputations built on craft, origin, and quality are tarnished.

How Everledger can help

By increasing visibility throughout the supply chain, our solutions help partners verify and protect the value of luxury goods – and the brands that put their names to them.

Unique identity

Through blockchain, NFC and IoT technologies, our platform creates a unique digital identity for every product. Secure, immutable, private.


Our technologies give luxury brands the confidence to stand behind the goods that bear their name. We are ISO27001-certified, evidencing the highest level of trust on information security and data protection.


By uniquely surfacing the lifetime journey of luxury goods, we help combat counterfeiting while supporting fair working conditions and ethical sourcing of raw materials.


By generating confidence in their brands, our partners can stand out and create new value for retailers and end consumers.


Each product has its ownership registered on our private blockchain, where every transaction is securely recorded and accessible to end consumers.


Our platform increases visibility and control over responsible and ethical sourcing throughout the supply chain.

Find out more about the Everledger platform.

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Find out more about the Everledger platform.

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Decent work and economic growth

Enabling transparent reporting on the ethical and responsible practices in the supply chain can prevent human rights abuses, supports workers rights, and helps communities to develop.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Our platform uses blockchain, IoT and NFC technologies to surface the entire story of a luxury product’s journey.

Sustainable cities and communities

Animal welfare, ethical sourcing and environmental degradation are increasingly important considerations in product lifecycle management.

Responsible production and consumption

Luxury goods customers increasingly demand sustainable and responsible manufacturing practices.

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