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Industry challenges

Low visibility restricts the insurance industry’s ability to perform as it should, hindering efficient pricing and processing.

Imperfect information

Insurers must often make decisions to accept risk without the crucial information they need.


Paper trails of asset data in a disconnected value chain make the insurance journey complex and difficult, opening the door to fraud.

Customer experience

The difficulty in providing information can create friction for customers at the time of a claim.

Poor visibility

As high value assets change hands, each party needs to know that the asset is real and that they are protected from loss.

How Everledger can help

By surfacing more accurate information, we help the insurance industry to function with efficiency, improving the experience for insurer and customer alike.


Insurers, retailers, producers and consumers can come together behind a more unified and trustworthy set of asset information (read more on blockchain asset tracking).


Our solutions seek to automate processes and govern exchanges, to make insurance processes as simple, seamless and low cost as possible.


Better information allows insurers to price accurately, increasing market efficiency throughout the value chain.


Our solutions allow all stakeholders to make informed decisions, claim more easily, and find replacements with similar characteristics to the original asset. We are ISO27001-certified, evidencing the highest level of trust on information security and data protection.

Fraud identification

With increased visibility, insurers can spot fraudulent claims more quickly.


We are an independent technology company with a strong commitment to transparency and industry collaboration.

Find out more about the Everledger platform.

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Find out more about the Everledger platform.

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