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Industry challenges

The electronics and automobile industries face a challenge to transform themselves: the evolution from a take-make-dispose system to a circular economy where resources can be reused again and again.


Disposable consumption is not sustainable. Traceability of a product’s life cycle allows its lifetime to be maximised, supports reuse, and helps ensure responsible recycling.

Environmental degradation

No scaled systems are in place to enable reuse and recycling of over 11 million tons of spent lithium-ion batteries forecast to be at the end of their first life by 2030.

Conflict metals

Unverified extraction of critical minerals could benefit armed groups, contributing to conflict.

Consumer awareness

The world has woken up to the need for a circular economy. Incentive mechanisms and methods to raise further awareness are now needed.

How Everledger can help

By establishing traceability throughout the life cycle of high-risk products, our solutions help to support reuse and responsible recycling of materials, from portable electronics batteries and metal components to electric vehicle batteries.


Our provenance-tracking solution drives transparency along the supply chains of critical metals and minerals used in batteries and electronics.


Our blockchain solution facilitates traceability, enabling easier compliance with increasingly strict consumer and government demands. We are ISO27001-certified, evidencing the highest level of trust on information security and data protection.


Our unprecedented collaboration with miners, manufacturers, certification houses and circular economy institutions is fortifying the entire critical metals supply chain with increased trust.


We are an independent technology company with a strong commitment to transparency and industry collaboration.

Unique identity

We combine blockchain technology with AI, IoT and nanotechnology to enable traceability in a secure, unalterable and private platform.


Our platform enables higher visibility and control over responsible and ethical sourcing throughout supply chains.

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Find out more about the Everledger platform.

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Find out more about the Everledger platform.

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“Everledger actively supports our work to enable a circular economy for electronics and is providing the technology expertise to launch an industry-wide life cycle management platform.”

Rohi Sukhia, Founder and Executive Director - The Open Blockchain for Asset Disposition Alliance (OBADA)

Our Lithium-Ion Batteries Life Cycle Solutions

Find out how Everledger is bringing ever more value to the Electric Vehicle and Portable Electronics industries.

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Everledger with GIA and Chow Tai Fook


Decent work and economic growth

Enabling transparent reporting on the ethical and responsible practices in the supply chain can prevent human rights abuses, supports workers rights, and helps communities to develop.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Our platform uses blockchain and other innovative technologies in partnership with every segment of the industry to surface asset information, from mine to consumer.

Sustainable cities and communities

Responsible sourcing has become a core business function, often with compliance requirements. Collection and management of e-recycling and increasing the life of materials such as batteries, is at the core of creating sustainable communities and markets.

Responsible production and consumption

Our technologies support the move to purchasing only responsibly sourced materials and driving towards a circular economy, by ensuring products are created with reuse of materials in mind.

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