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Industry challenges

The diamond industry remains under pressure to improve its supply chain transparency, driven by a global push for sustainability and increased consumer demand for ethical sourcing.

Customer demand

Customers increasingly require supply chain transparency from the diamond industry.


Reports of lab-grown diamonds infiltrating the natural diamond supply chain are becoming more frequent (read more on diamond provenance).

Mid-stream pressure

Manufacturers face cost pressures, and struggle to differentiate. This leads to low margins and financing challenges.

Ethical sourcing

While progress has been made, issues persist around conflict zone sourcing, worker exploitation and environmental degradation.

How Everledger can help

We help the diamond industry respond to the global demand for responsible sourcing. At every step of the value chain, our partners are tracking the story of each stone, more easily and accurately than ever before.


As the unique identity of each stone is surfaced and converged on our platform, stakeholders can buy and sell with greater confidence.


Blockchain solutions facilitate tracking from mine to consumer, enabling easier compliance against increasingly strict measures. We are ISO27001-certified, evidencing the highest level of trust on information security and data protection.


Through unprecedented collaboration with miners, manufacturers, certification houses and retailers, we provide independent, tailored solutions for the industry.


With their brand enhanced and more visible, our partners can offer new value for retailers and end consumers.

Unique identity

By combining blockchain technology with AI, IoT and nanotechnology, we create a digital twin of every diamond, enabling traceability in a secure, unalterable and private platform.


Our platform increases visibility and control over responsible and ethical sourcing in the supply chain.

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Find out more about the Everledger platform.

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Find out more about the Everledger platform.

Learn More

“In partnership with Everledger, we are defining next-generation standards in the jewelry industry and continuing our leadership in promoting transparency and responsibility. The cutting-edge blockchain-based technology has been integrated with our supply chain to seamlessly and securely track gemstone origin and provide greater consumer assurance for responsible practices.”


“Everledger has presented a thorough understanding of the myriad of exigencies that luxury brands are requiring for greater transparency.”

Bharat Kakadia, Executive Director — Sheetal Group

“We are excited to be able to offer Rock Solid Diamonds to our customers, as part of our on-going commitment to responsibly sourced and transparent jewelry supply chains. Being able to provide a fully transparent and intimate connection between our customers and their diamonds brings real meaning and value to their precious investment.”

Kirsten Darrow, Group Vice President — Fred Meyer Jewelers

“We are very proud to be a pioneer in Europe in diamond traceability. With the launch of the DiamondByway collection powered by the Everledger platform, we can provide the evidence that our customers in retail and end consumers have long been waiting for.”

José Miguel Serret, Founder and CEO — Facet


Decent work and economic growth

Enabling transparent reporting on the ethical and responsible practices in the supply chain can prevent human rights abuses, supports workers rights, and helps communities to develop.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Our platform uses blockchain and other innovative technologies in partnership with every segment of the industry to surface the story of a diamond’s journey, from mine to consumer.

Sustainable cities and communities

The transparency promoted by our platform can help the diamond industry tackle social and environmental challenges in the supply chain. From fair working conditions and rights, to green production and carbon footprint.

Responsible production and consumption

Coupled with the Kimberley Process and Responsible Jewellery Council information, our platform promotes the transparency that helps the diamond industry to report green production and carbon footprint. This allows jewelry buyers to make smart purchasing decisions based on responsible and ethical practices.

Everledger With GIA And Chow Tai Fook

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