Engineering Careers

Our engineers are builders, who excel in a collaborative environment. They care about writing clean, elegant code. They work with cutting-edge technology like blockchain, IoT and intelligent labelling. This talented and global team has immensely diverse backgrounds, but share a common goal: to address real challenges through breakthrough solutions.

Our Everlegends

Patrick Woodhead

Head of Concept Engineering, London, UK

“It’s exciting to be at this intersection between science and the real world, where we use blockchain, AI and cutting-edge tech to tackle supply chain, provenance and authenticity problems.”

Sumit Arora

Blockchain Engineer, Brisbane, Australia

“It’s my second year working at Everledger, the unique thing here is the learning opportunity from day one and freedom to apply your own ideas into reality. The wonderful and friendly team of developers gave me a space to experiment and learn.”

Ajay Kumar

DevOps Manager, Ahmedabad, India

“The environment and skills here are just astounding. Unlimited learning scope, Research and Development programme and such hardcore developers make me feel special at Everledger”

Some of the tech you’ll get to work with


Wellness budget

An annual allowance to invest in your physical and mental well-being.

Learning and development

When our people develop, so do we. We offer a personal training budget, study leave and sabbaticals to support your further education.


We reward the incredible loyalty of our people through our employee share scheme.

Flexible working

Everlegends are free to optimise their own work schedules. This includes the ability to work from home and take time off in lieu.

Birthday leave

A bonus day off each year to kick back and celebrate your birthday.

Social events

We might work hard but we never forget to spend time together, celebrating our wins and having fun.

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