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Everledger is a global startup that uses the best of emerging technology including blockchain, smart contracts and machine vision to assist in the reduction of risk and fraud for banks, insurers and open marketplaces.

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What We Do

We’ve built a global, digital ledger that tracks and protects valuable assets throughout their lifetime journey. We collect an asset’s defining characteristics, history, and ownership to create a permanent record on the blockchain. This digital incarnation, or thumbprint, is used by various stakeholders across a supply chain pipeline to form provenance and verify authenticity.

At Everledger, we build innovative solutions in markets where provenance matters and where transparency is key to ensuring ethical trade.

Our Journey


Founded in April 2015 by Leanne Kemp

Cryptographically Secure

Over 1,000,000 diamonds uploaded

Proudly Techstars

Graduate of the 2015 Barclays Accelerator

Digital Certification | Verification | Smart Contracts

  • Ensure transparency and authenticity in the goods we trade, purchase and sell globally
  • Protect the provenance of high value assets
  • Re-establish trust in global trading marketplaces
  • Reduce risk, theft, trafficking and fraud

Crime pays when provenance is broken

$45 Billion

Lost annually to insurance fraud


Of all fraudulent claims go undetected


Of claims paid out that are later found to be fraudulent

$2 Billion

Annual cost of jewellery fraud to insurers

Leanne Kemp Speaking at IBM Edge 2016

Our Technology

At Everledger, we assert transparency by building on both the public blockchain and private blockchains so to achieve a hybrid technical model. This allows us the best of both worlds; high security of the public blockchain combined with permissioned controls in private blockchains that allow us to better serve the industries we work in.

Everledger is proudly contributor of the Hyperledger community, committed to advancing open source collaboration and working alongside the brightest minds in the blockchain space.

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